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Hydraulic Hammer Impulse 120

Dear Visitors,
Finally the time has come when our old and well-known friend - Hydraulic hammer GPM-120 has become outdated.
Hydraulic Hammer of international standard, which is definitely of higher efficiency and better quality, can easily take its place in the market.
Hydraulic Hammers Impulse 120 are exported to Europe.

  • Is designed by engineers of Technopark “Impulse”

    Hydraulic hammer “Impulse 120” was designed by engineers of Technopark “Impulse”. It has a unique design which was achieved by combination of already existing technical schemes, used by the best known foreign manufacturers and technical solutions based on Russian manufacturers” experience.

  • A striking result of scientific & technical thought progress

    Principally new design solutions and up to date developments of our own engineering team redefine “Impulse-120” to a new higher level.

  • Precision calculations, optimal design

    “Impulse-120” has solid main body, original way of mounting the hammer”s main body by half flanges in side plates, ground sleeve, which undergo special thermochemical treatment. Main body is a separate numbered subassembly unit, which is tested and sealed at Technopark “Impulse” plant.

  • Winner with perfect ancestry

    Technical specifications of “Impulse-120” hydraulic hammer give them opportunity to even surpass “Delta F-5” hammers in quality, reliability and availability of the spare parts, while “Impulse-120” is easier in operation and service maintenance, and at the same time it has lower owning cost compared to its analogue.

  • User-friendly, reliable and simple

    Hydraulic hammer “Impulse-120” has a strong solid main body. Due to original design of its body shape, “Impulse-120” can strike into maximum depth of the crushing material. Solid working tool bush used in the hammer simplifies its replacement, reduces maintenance time and cost of ownership.


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