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Hydraulic Hammer Impulse 120 – technological breakthrough in the industry.

If you put yourself in the customer’s place, you can be horrified by the difficulty of making the correct choice if you find yourself in the middle of such a variety of offers and producers for the first time in your life.

But our customers, for the years of successful operation experience, built in their mind definite stereotypes, quality standards and chose required technical parameters which let them make the informed choice of the hydraulic hammer. And this choice will most closely match their financial capacity and expected efficiency. Everybody’s happy and is there anything ought to be changed?

The answer of skeptics and fogydoms will be negative of course, and they will be right. As we offer to our customers different models which caught their fancies due to years of successful operation, and sustained good quality; we keep all the consumables and parts in stock, and can assure our customers of predictable production results. Among the conventional norms and regulations there is a list of inevitable defects and failures, which has already become trivial to the customers to face and deal with them. This is as a matter of course, the same as the range of children diseases, and has become an integral part of all the hammers existing in the market.

Everything has been moving in a groove, from year to year, from decade to decade for more than twenty years, during which our own engineering team has been building the principally new concept of the hydraulic hammer which will best meet the demands of our environment. The main goal of “Technopark Impulse” Company, as an assignee and continuator of Company “Tradicia-K”, is “To design and produce the best hydraulic hammer in the world”. Most people disregarded this task as achievable and didn’t believe it could come true. And we just kept augmenting our technological capacities and development of our engineering team. The main reason why we succeeded in reaching our goal is that we decided not to follow the remodeling process but brought ourselves to design a conceptually new performance of the hydraulic hammer. Leaving the principle hydraulic circuit system we endued our product with all characteristics required to eliminate all possible and impossible damages which can occur. Turned around all principle defects accepted by the customers such as “it happens with everybody” or “it always breaks” we concentrated on finding the solutions to these problems. And we succeeded in it, by using technological safety margin, ultra-precision handling, thermochemical methods of steel processing and by engineering solutions and technical innovations. One more problem due to which most defects come to life is the customer’s denial to read and understand manuals and safety instructions before operation. But this article is not about it.

Hydraulic Hammer Impulse 120 – technological breakthrough in the industry

Beautiful words “Innovations, quality, experience” and so on – are really good words to decorate any advertising slogan. But why have we fallen out of a habit to believe the words assured by the giant investments of human and financial resources? More than twenty years of engineering and field testing operations in all climatic zones, best minds of national fundamental science participated in the invention of “Impulse” hydraulic hammers. Unique and the only one in the country manufacturing and technological capacities of Technopark “Impulse” is as a launch point to initiate the new definition and estimation criteria of hydraulic hammer. When we launched the first batch production three years ago, we realized that to build up the product is just a small part of the job. The most difficult thing we faced was stereotypes. I have already mentioned them above – “it always breaks” etc, but there is one more stereotype which is as tough and hard as a stone and gives our country a purely raw-exports role. This stereotype, which appeared due to the last years of economic collapse and absence of pride for our country and it sounds like a sentence – “Nothing produced in Russia can be of good quality” or “Whatever is handmade is bad made”. Several times after presentations of the company and products I’ve heard such a phrase – “Why do you prefer driving imported car instead of a car, produced in Russia? And why do you want us to believe that your products are best in the world” And we ventured upon a case of first impression in this industry – we started export our products. Nowadays we export to Europe, England and Australia. Recently “Bauma-2013” show took place in Munich, Germany where we proudly performed extended product range to the world’s community. Foreigners are glad to buy products of Russian manufacture, while Russians turn up their noses at it. We say that there is a free world abroad and it is true, this world is free from any stereotypes, world which catch on innovations, free world is not burden by template thinking and can count the profit.

“Impulse” is a very cost-effective product, along with the low cost of the hammer itself; it has low owning cost, low cost of maintenance and service. This cost-effectiveness is based not only on the competitive cost of the hammer itself, but on the low owning cost, number of stops you have to make to change the wear parts, waiting for the service team, required for disassemble of the hammer, as it can be done with the special tool only. We thought of it in advanced and invested and keep investing into buying expensive equipment to assure best quality and establish our own service stations for hammer’s maintenance.

You may consider this article as a modern trend of development of domestic technologies, set by the Russian government. But we started our job long before it, and continue to develop in our own way creating “The best hydraulic hammer in the world”! Impulse 120 has become the technological breakthrough for more than 30 years’ experience of copying the outdated and legacy hammer “Krupp”. Impulse 120 has become the new trend in this industry, and remains unachievable for any Korean and Chinese manufacturers to copy it during three years of existence.

And what is the secret? The answer is very simple – special technology of raw material preparation and treatment, designed by engineers of Technopark “Impulse”, using domestic raw material only, believe it or not. We use special steel, which is made to our own recipe to maintain maximum loads during operation. Following chemical and heat treatment stabilize the hardness and wear-resistance of the material. These reasons directly affect the durability of the elements subject to maximum loads. We do understand that very soon Asian countries will achieve these technologies and processes, and we’ll be able to copy the product, but we won some time and we’ll definitely use it for moving forward and for further developments.

One more product is to be said about in this article – Impulse 120s (Evolution), which will be two generations ahead of all the piston hydraulic hammers now existing in the world.

“Impulse” is the most cost-effective and progressive decision which will meet your requirements and needs.


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